Do you want to get started with a WordPress SEO strategy? If so, then read this article for more information. It covers basic WordPress SEO tips.

The Basics of WordPress SEO First of all, check the visibility settings of your website with the ‘Settings’ menu. Select ‘Site Options’ and make sure that the ‘Visibility Level’ is set to ‘Disabled’. If your website has limited visibility, then Google will not be able to index it. Use SEO friendly URL format in your WordPress site. WWW vs. non-WWW in URLs will also affect your rankings.

Add XML sitemap to your WordPress blog. Make sure that you have submitted the sitemap to all the search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing etc. Optimize your articles for SEO using different keywords.

Optimize your blog for better ranking using SEO friendly title tag. Make sure that the title tag is optimized for your niche. Avoid using keyword stuffing in the title as this is not SEO friendly.

Add RSS feed to your site. This will increase the visibility of your website in search engine results. Make sure that the feed contains the right keywords and content. Include your contact information in your RSS feed.

Add Meta tags to your website to give extra information on your website. If you use multiple webhosting websites, you can add Meta tags for all the sites. These tags will give additional information for search engine robots.

Use Google Searches Marketing for search engine marketing. You can use this to get better rankings in search engines. Learn more about Search Marketing techniques. There are many eBooks available on the internet that provide great information on search marketing.

In the end, it is important that you learn how to use Search Marketing for greater traffic and better rankings in the search engines. If you can master this technique then your website will be indexed faster.

Add free content to your website to increase its traffic. This will help you rank higher in search engines.

Do not advertise your site in other sites. You may have a page that is interesting for one particular group of people but it will not help your website to rank better in search engines if you are posting your link in the site of another site.

Giveaway codes and newsletters are great ways to advertise your website. It may give the visitor something valuable that he or she is looking for.

SEO Keyword rich meta tags are also essential when using SEO techniques like keyword rich Meta tags. Make sure that you have the correct keyword density.

Make sure that you have a good quality article writing service that offers to write for free. If your articles are not well written then your website will not get the proper rankings. Make sure that you are not writing keyword stuffing articles.

Put your best foot forward. You need to be professional at the beginning and you need to follow up after the SEO services. Do not be afraid to follow your SEO services by having them update your website with new content regularly.

Do not submit your website to all the search engines. There is no guarantee that you will get good rankings from Google.

Make sure that your keywords are used in the Meta tag. Be creative with the title, meta description, titles of all pages, titles of the images, headers and even URL.

Do not use empty keywords, as they are not as effective. Try to keep the content short and relevant.

Make sure that you have your website optimized in Google and Yahoo. Use the best tags and keywords that your target market will be using. Make sure that your keywords have been properly placed in your Meta tags.