How an XML Sitemap Can Benefit Your Local SEO Service

Local SEO is important to any small or medium sized business in order to succeed online. The goal is to drive traffic to your site from local sources such as Google Maps and Yahoo Local. You want people who are searching in those places to find you. The only way to achieve this is by ensuring that Google believes you are the most suitable provider of these services in your area.

Local SEO Service

Reputation- What do consumers say about your goods and services in various platforms such as Google Business, Amazon, Yahoo Local, etc? Do they rate you as good, reasonably good, fair, or poor? This is information that Google uses to determine where it places your business next. The reputation framework is one of the most important things that you can work on with your local seo services. This will build a solid foundation for your online marketing campaign.

Inbound links- Having links coming into your site from other websites with similar content will help to increase your visibility in the search engines. This helps your company appear higher in listings and will drive more consumers to your site. Inbound links from local businesses with similar products and/or services can be valuable. However, it’s important to understand that not all links are created equal.

Directory submissions- Today many directories have been developed around specific industries. For example, local businesses often submit to directory listings on their city pages. This helps local businesses gain exposure to consumers looking for those products and services in that area. While the majority of these listings are used by large companies and businesses, some small businesses use them as well.

Phone Number Only Service- Some local seo services only submit your company’s information to Google using your phone number as the business name. Using a business name as the phone number increases your chances for listing in the first few pages of the SERPs. Many times, business names are misspelled or not spelled correctly. When using a phone number as a business name, this also increases your chances of listing within the first few pages of the SERPs.

XML Sitemap- If you want to work with on-page optimization, you’ll want to ensure that you have proper XML sitemap settings. A sitemap is simply an outline of the web pages on your website. Every page is listed under a unique title, a unique URL, and sometimes even descriptions. When using an XML sitemap, each page of your website is listed under a unique title, a unique URL, and often times even descriptions.

Yellow Pages- Today, many local business owners and individuals are turning to online yellow pages directories as a source of business leads. However, when using traditional yellow pages directories, you must first submit your listing to the directory. In order for you to submit to a directory, you must submit your listing to the individual or business that owns the actual property on the list. This will make it extremely difficult to rank for specific keyphrases. On top of that, the contents and quality of content often play a large role in whether your listing will be accepted. In the same way that manually submitting to directories can be difficult, submitting via an XML sitemap will ensure that all submissions are properly categorized and ranked by the search engines.

Citations and Copyrights- As mentioned above, the content provided by newspapers and magazines plays a large part in the determination of ranking. When working with different types of traditional and online publications, it is important to consider how you will provide your business citations and data. Because Google relies on the existence of links within these publications and the number of citations and other data provided by these sources, it is critical to provide them with all of the necessary information in order for Google and other search engines to rank you high. Aside from providing a wealth of information pertaining to the publications you are citing, it is equally important to submit your listing with an XML sitemap. This will ensure that you have submitted everything needed and more, while ensuring that the search engines can find your listing.