Keyword Research – How Important Is It?

It is always important to have a plan in place for Keyword Research. This is because Google and other search engines make changes on a regular basis and so it is necessary to keep up with the trends and techniques.

For example, in recent months, Google has changed its algorithm and now allows pages that only list an image for their title to appear higher in the rankings. The importance of this move cannot be underestimated and will definitely see pages change to include images.

So, when you do Keyword Research it is vitally important to check your title carefully for the right keywords. You need to incorporate relevant keywords and phrases into your title and as many times as possible into your anchor text as this will give your site more power.

You can use the Webmaster Keyword Tool by Screaming Frog which will give you the ideal search phrase for each page you are analysing. This is a really good starting point if you don’t have a lot of time or budget for this, but with the right information you can start to pick out better keywords that will bring more clicks and consequently more money.

One of the most important parts of Keyword Research is actually getting a good idea of how much competition there is for your keywords. This can be done by signing up to Google AdWords.

Keyword Research is important for your site. It is important to understand how each page on your site performs for your targeted keywords and what pages are paying less for the same search phrases than others.

Keyword Research and optimization go hand in hand. When you start researching keywords and the options for them for your SEO campaign, you should always consider what your competition is doing.

You should always make sure that your keywords are listed on all pages of your site, but at the same time you need to make sure that they are not listed too often. Keyword research can give you a solid insight on the amount of competition that you are likely to face and what keywords you should avoid in order to avoid losing revenue.

Just because your search phrase is so important does not mean that you should include every other keyword you can think of. If your terms are too specific then Google may search through each page of your site looking for these terms, which will then make it very difficult for your page to rank for your keywords.

Don’t be afraid to remove a keyword from your website if it isn’t performing well enough. It is a good idea to test a number of different keywords, but Google will typically remove a keyword if it is found on more than 5% of your traffic, which is around 25 pages.

Internet marketing is a multi-million dollar industry and if you can master some of the finer points of SEO and Keyword Research, then you can reap huge rewards. It’s a big investment but the returns will be well worth it.

So remember, Keyword Research is crucial for your success as it’s your first step towards becoming a well known business on the internet. But as said before, you should always be wary of the keyphrases you choose to use and also the competition you are facing.