Local SEO – Creating an Impact on Google Maps

Local SEO relates to the various activities that concentrate on a particular geographic area within a website. Local SEO is the process whereby you target a specific set of keywords and place them strategically in your website content, design and tags. There are basically two types of local SEO: on-page and off-page. On-page local SEO can be performed through various methods such as link building, directory submissions, social media, blogs, posts and more. These on-page Local SEO activities are known as pure Local SEO while off-page Local SEO involves various off page methods such as link building, content syndication, directory submission, keyword marketing and more.

Local SEO Service

Local SEO service is vital for any local business wishing to rank well in Google and other major search engines. With many businesses are shifting their focus to mobile searches, you need to have an edge on your competitors if you want to benefit from this shift in online behaviour. It is therefore essential to make the most of your inbound links and local SEO services, which will drive quality organic traffic to your website.

Organic inbound links comprise a large amount of your website’s success in search engine rankings; these come from links from other websites and blogs that link to your own. Quality backlinks from authoritative websites, such as those mentioned above, can boost your ranking in Google’s search engine results, especially when these links are used as anchor texts in Google search engine searches. This is where your Local SEO service can make a real difference to your bottom line.

Successful Local SEO campaigns are made up of a series of keyword research steps. A high quality Local SEO campaign starts by conducting keyword research that ideally involves analysing how people in your local area are searching for products and information related to your business. Local SEO campaigns are generally designed around a few main keywords, although some successful campaigns do incorporate several keywords into their overall strategy. Keyword research should form part of any local seo campaign; if you don’t use it, your campaign will be easily detected and dismissed by search engines as spam.

Once you have conducted keyword research, a good Local SEO Service will then launch a local search rankings campaign. This campaign involves placing your main business page in the top positions of Google’s search rankings for your chosen keywords. Keywords can be researched using Google’s keyword tool or you may choose to focus your campaign on local, specific areas such as the areas surrounding your company headquarters. A quality Local SEO Service will tailor your campaign to target the people who are most likely to purchase your products or services; if you leave the keyword research up to them they can also identify new areas that will offer great opportunities for your business.

A Local SEO Service will also launch a social media campaign. Social media includes the likes of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and StumbleUpon; all of these platforms provide an excellent opportunity for a Local SEO Service to promote your products and services locally. A Local SEO Service will use these platforms to build links with other Local SEO Services and their established clients, which will ultimately help to drive more traffic to your site. This is another way in which your company can benefit from using Local SEO; by building links with industry heavyweights you can improve the visibility of your site in search results for targeted keywords.

When conducting Local SEO analysis, it is important to remember that although Google’s algorithms are largely similar across most of their websites, they do favor a particular feel and tone when searching for a specific item or information. If you’re selling shoes in London and you decide to run a PPC campaign based on your product description alone, Google will interpret this as being about shoes, and it will rank accordingly. A Local SEO Service will take this further by conducting a comprehensive analysis of your current website; taking note of your on-page seo and off-page content. Doing this will help a Local SEO Service determines the areas of your website that require working and re-working, and also areas where those aspects of your website that currently deliver value are lacking.

Another thing that many Local SEO Companies use to target potential customers is Google Maps. Google Maps is a free service provided by the search engine giant and the core functionality of it is in placing maps on the SERPs. A Local SEO Service will have a working knowledge of how to integrate your Local SEO into the mapping code of your site, so that when people perform a search using your area or location as the search keyword, Google will automatically place your business location within the Maps. This positioning will be controlled by the details that you have entered within the text box – these details are referred to as meta tags. An example of a Meta tag would be “physical location”