Search Engine Optimization Is Not An Integral Part Of Any Successful Web Campaign

This month’s Competitive Analysis will be based on the topic of “SEO Tools”. The conclusion we’re going to draw from this is that SEO is not an integral part of any successful web campaign. And if you truly want to know how to get people to visit your site, then you need to add your own content, not use an SEO technique to increase your traffic.

Many people still believe that strategic planning and consistent effort can drive high ranking in Search Engine results pages (SERPs). Unfortunately, most people fail to see the need for some serious strategic planning to implement an SEO strategy.

SEO requires a systematic approach to monitoring your competition, educating yourself about their activities, crafting an SEO strategy, and putting that plan into action. The only way to accomplish these tasks successfully is to follow a systematic process that is designed to produce results.

You cannot expect to develop and implement a SEO strategy without some prior knowledge of Search Engine Optimization. However, it’s not as difficult as it may seem.

In this Competitive Analysis we’ll look at how to understand competitors, how to understand them, and what techniques they use. The last two are critical to your SEO success.

In this Competitive Analysis we’ll look at the search phrases your competitors are currently ranking for. If you have not been monitoring your competition’s search terms you are missing a major part of your game plan.

In this Competitive Analysis we’ll look at the keywords your competitors are targeting. The very first step to understanding your competitors is understanding what their keywords are.

A free and effective keyword research tool is Google Keyword Research Tool. If you donot have this tool installed on your website then you are missing an opportunity to identify your competition’s keywords.

When you understand your competitors’ keywords you will be able to craft a strategic SEO plan that incorporates those keywords in your website content. When you create a strategic SEO plan that incorporates your competitors’ keywords you will quickly become aware of key phrases that are being searched on a regular basis by your competitors.

You don’t use a search engine to find answers; you use a search engine to find websites. By using keywords to find your competitors’ sites you can leverage those keywords and drive traffic to your own website.

The secret is to discover and create keyword phrases that are interesting to your visitors and that you can link to your own website. By knowing the keywords that your competitors are targeting you can easily create content that will drive the same traffic to your website that they would be driving to theirs.

In this Competitive Analysis we’ve discussed how to analyze our competitors, how to interpret their results, and how to use keywords to quickly find sites that offer what your customers are looking for. So read on!