SEO Audit Services

SEO Audit Services

SEO Audit Services

For small to medium sized businesses, an SEO audit is the next step in making sure your website is compliant with the various search engines and is optimizing its content appropriately. This is also a great time to update and implement any suggestions your SEO team has given you. An SEO audit is often done by trained professional SEO Experts with years of experience. Although each audit is tailored to a specific company’s individual needs, the following things are very common to all SEO audits.

Search Engine Optimization or SEO includes the processes that optimize your website’s content, keywords, titles & meta tags, overall layout & design, internal linking structures & directory listing positions. A thorough digital marketing audit will not only examine these areas, but will also consider your competitor’s campaigns, their strategies, & how their campaigns compare to yours. Technical SEO audit is just as important to your success as your design, but is a must in the beginning as well as during the re-evaluation phase. A digital marketing audit will also give your company the freedom to focus on your business goals.

Most SEO audit services offer several complimentary services to make your audit more comprehensive and thorough. These include title optimization, keyword analysis, competitor analysis, web analytics and competitor analysis. You may be asked to conduct a competitor analysis or audit the entire website to determine your current ranking. This will provide valuable insight into what other companies are doing that is working to improve their SEO rankings. Companies who offer this service are fully capable of creating a custom SEO audit for your company, but are also aware that this type of service does require a monthly fee.

The first step in the SEO audit services offering is the development of a traffic analysis report that details how many unique visitors the site receives per month. In addition, the number of unique visitors to the site must be converted into registered users. The next step may include an in depth study of the site’s architecture, how pages are interconnected, & how internal linking factors into the architecture. A thorough examination of internal linking factors will highlight areas that could benefit from link building, & how you can implement links to your main pages and landing pages. Internal pages, & how they rank in the organic search results, is an important factor that should not be overlooked when analyzing your online presence.

Another common service offered is a content audit. Content audits are usually conducted to find any content that is duplicated across the Internet. If duplicate content exists, it can have a negative effect on your company’s rankings in the major search engines. A content audit will help you to understand exactly what duplicate content is and how it can be avoided in order to achieve top rankings in the search engines.

The final step of most SEO audits, which is arguably the most important, is the analysis of backlinks. Backlinks can dramatically increase your search engine ranking. Google, for example, uses links in their ranking algorithms, as well as the existence of internal and external anchor text links. A good SEO audit should include the examination of all back links to your website. Links in internal and external anchor text will not only affect your search engine ranking, but their position in the SERPs overall.

SEO audits also provide a report detailing the progress of the audit. This report is very important, as this gives you a realistic idea of how successful the audit was. Most SEO audits will show an improvement in ranking from the first audit to the second and then to the third. By monitoring the progress of the audits in this way, you will have a greater understanding of whether you are making effective SEO decisions, & whether the strategies you are implementing are benefiting your business. Some SEO audits report data on link quality, on-page optimization, and other useful information, so you will want to make sure you are presented with all the details of each audit.

SEO audits are often times provided by companies specialized in search engine optimization. You should be aware that the technical audit may not necessarily focus on SEO. While some of these companies do offer SEO services, most focus on ensuring your website meets legal requirements, has met all SEO service requirements, and is submitted to all search engines correctly. If you want to get a good SEO audit, you should always make sure the company specializes in SEO.