SEO Competitor Analysis – Keywords and Keyword Choices

When doing your SEO Competitive Analysis, you should consider the importance of choosing your keywords carefully. There are many reasons for this.

SEO Competitive Analysis

For one, having quality content is very important. If you’re a quality content company and your content is lousy, so what?

– Of course this isn’t always the case, but most of the competition these days is coming from the same direction as yours – the online world. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out where your competition is coming from. In fact, your competition has probably done a lot of their marketing in the same general area that you have.

– The challenge with this is that the Internet is full of garbage. You can’t really tell if the sites are full of well-written content or just piles of uninteresting, unreadable websites.

That’s why, when it comes to your content, you should focus on writing high-quality content. You’ll have to pay a bit more attention to the kind of content you use for your websites.

However, when it comes to SEO, the content is your best friend. Your goal is to get yourself into as many search engine listings as possible.

The reason why is because keywords are important in the whole process. The ranking algorithm that Google uses is based on both the overall site structure and the keywords used within that structure.

First of all, in terms of overall site structure, you want to make sure that your anchor text (the words that lead to the main content of your pages) is relevant to the keyword that you are using. A good example would be the site for TV Guide.

The site is made up of pages that all tell you about TV shows and movies, and then at the bottom of each page is an anchor text link to the actual television channel that the episode or movie came from. The TV Guide site is good because it uses the words “tv show” on the homepage and at the top of every page, including the search results pages.

The pages can also include those keywords either in their titles or in the middle of the page text itself. This means that the people who search for TV show on Google will go to the TV Guide site first, which is much better than looking for “TV shows” in Google’s search bar.

On the other hand, your pages’ anchor text links should be targeted towards the keyword you are trying to get yourself listed in the first few pages of search results. That means that in every anchor text link you put on your homepage or anywhere else, it should lead back to your site.

This is the kind of search engine optimization that works best for Google. So you see, using keywords as part of your SEO strategy is important.