Website SEO – How a Website SEO Optimization Works

So, how does a website SEO Optimization works? Well there are two elements which have to be put in the right way so that the search engine finds your website. Both of these elements are called backlink and meta description. But let us look into both these elements separately.

Backlink: Back link is a natural link created by one of your website visitors. It is a visitor’s previous visit to your website, which is displayed to the search engine by the way of a hyperlink. So the visitor’s previous visit to your website provides a sort of a sample on what the visitors would like to find out more about. This sample will be the anchor text on the page. The more anchor text that is displayed on your webpage, the higher will be the ranking for your website. So if you provide useful information for your visitors to read, the high ranking is assured.

Meta description: The meta description is used to describe the subject matter of the webpage. It gives an overview of the contents of the webpage and is used as a SEO tool. So it describes the subject of the webpage. If you are familiar with HTML tags, you will know that meta description is like a heading tag. It tells the search engine about the subject of the webpage.

So you can see how both of these are equally important for your page. A backlink from a popular website to your page will create a huge amount of traffic to your page and a good meta description will help you get more links. They are both part of SEO.

Now when you have done all the groundwork to get good website traffic, it is time to start planning for the actual SEO activities that will make your page rank high in the SERPs. For the purpose of getting high ranking it is important to understand how Google works. So, in order to achieve a good ranking you have to take advantage of any promotion that the search engine offers. You need to take the SEO friendly approach towards your web pages.

As far as the SEO friendly approach is concerned, you will have to search the internet and find a wide array of content that is easy to navigate. You can get this content from various articles websites. The content should be useful and interesting.

Once you have all the keywords picked and the keywords are in place, you need to begin your keyword optimization campaign. In other words, you need to pick words and phrases which are most related to your target market and then strategically place them in your website. Here are some simple tips that you can follow:

Find out the anchor text. This is the portion of your website’s text, which is used to attract a visitor to go to your webpage. It should be good and relevant to your page, so think of the subject matter of your webpage before you use the keywords.

Focus on the titles. The title of your webpage is usually the first thing that is noticed by the search engine. So it is important to make sure that the title is attractive, unique and clear.

Create short keywords. Create as many keywords as possible, but keep the keyword as short as possible. After all, in order to get a high ranking, the keywords must be good and useful.

Advertise. Write one or two articles related to your site and post them on online article directories. You can also create your own web page, create articles and post them in various article directories.

Keyword research is crucial to your website SEO campaign. So, be careful with your keywords and find a good keyword research company which will help you with your keywords.