What Is On Page SEO?

On Page SEO

What Is On Page SEO?

On page SEO is an important aspect of search engine optimization. This simply means writing and using Meta tags, titles, keywords and other things within your website. If these things are not done well then you will never rank high for the keywords you have chosen. If you cannot write or find a way to insert keywords that are effective then you might as well leave the whole thing on the back end of the search engines.

On pages the main purpose is to provide users with an easy to navigate site. Search engine bots crawl your pages each time a search is performed that matching a keyword from your site. When these pages are indexed by the search engines spiders they will then provide a list of links back to your website. Back links are great for boosting your inbound links popularity, but when the site does not rank high enough for these links it is useless.

Your keywords should be in every part of your website but in different spots. You want to focus on getting the most use out of your keywords in the content of your pages. When you write articles for article marketing or forum marketing you should do your best to include all the keywords you can think of in the body of the article as well as the title. This will also be useful for search engine bots.

You should also make sure that the keywords are used in the title and the header of your site. These are the first two tags your search engine page will see. Using keywords in the site description and in your site sitemap will also help boost your rankings. Make sure that the pages link to each other properly. Using anchor text links are also very useful when optimizing your site for the search engines.

Anchor text links allow you to place a link to another page on your website with the use of a keyword. Using this technique will give the search engine spiders something to grab on to, thus increasing your chances of having your site indexed quickly. Some examples of good keywords to use on the homepage of your website are your company’s name, products, services, and even customer testimonials. The higher your ranking on the homepage the better your chances will be of getting found by the search engine bots.

The links that you create within the content of the page on your website need to be clickable. That means they need to have a purpose behind them so that users will want to click them. For example, a blog post could have a bio box that directs the reader to another part of the site that has more information on the topic.

On page SEO is about using words on the page that will cause the search engine to pick it up. It doesn’t matter how the words appear in the source material. The important thing is that the search engine sees the text, sees the meaning behind it, and then ranks it based on the relevancy. In other words, make sure that the words you choose for on page SEO are relevant to the topic of the site itself.

On-page SEO also includes creating internal links from one page to the next on the site. This is done through the use of anchor texts. Anchor text links within the website are links that are picked up by the search engines as relevant to the topic of the site. A great example of an on page link is a back link, also known as a Digg or Delicious link. A back link is a link to a specific page on your site that is picked up by the search engines and used within a ranking algorithm. So, make sure that your links are placed strategically throughout your site.